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About Logicmint

Logic Mint Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a Technology Innovation company born out of a vision for providing simple technology solutions for making any type of business complexities simpler, friendly and easy to work on. It is a technology center of excellence that meets exemplary global standards of quality innovation and lifetime performance.

The company believes that sustainable organisations can be built only through sharing and caring of people and that of all the stakeholders not just in business, but in life as well.

While the company focuses on continuous innovation and relentless product developments and refinements, its core values lie in the traditional wisdom of Trust, Integrity, Commitment and Faith in people.

The company delivers, unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and service delivery innovations. The company has talented engineers who relentlessly strive to deliver the best quality products and services.

Our Offerings

School Management
Software & Mobile App”

For over a quarter of a century, Schools across India have been using Logicmint Automation Software. Constant research, relentless upgradation in quality and customization to suit the unique needs of individual schools have made us a dependable partner of schools

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Logic Mint’s
Skool App

Logic Mint’s “Skool App” is used by 50K students |Parents |Teachers today. We provide specific custom made Mobile App development Services as well to suit the requirement of our divergent clientele.

They are built using technologies based on Android, PHP, Java, DotNet, AngularJS, NodeJS, MySQL, Mgento, WordPress, Laravel, Zend, iOS, etc.

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Web Design & Development

We understand that a website is the window that showcases not just products, but the company itself. This realization has enabled us to build a unique framework for making any website called “4 D Process” and these are “Discussion,” “Discovery,”” Design” and “Delivery.”

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IT Agency Services

A variety of solutions are offered under this head to suit the specific needs and goals of the clients such as: Microsoft Technologies, Enterprise Applications, Mobile Applications, IT Support, Internet Marketing.

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Graphic Design

Companies don’t need elaborate write ups or huge corporate presentations if their business ideas are captured like nature captures the entire universe in a dew drop! Logic Mint’s graphic designers do precisely this. Our team of graphic designers is innovative and creative thinkers of par excellence.

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E-Commerce/Digital Services

E-Commerce solutions have become an unavoidable necessity in today’s world. With the Covid pandemic raging across the globe, companies are today busy in shifting their non-digital business streams to total digitally propelled to protect their existing markets, make inroads into more new markets and to sustain there.

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  • Admission Management
  • Admission Management
  • Fee Management
  • Transport Management
  • Examination Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Library Management
  • Parents Portal
  • Data Backup
  • Updates

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Logic Mints 3 layer approach that stands out

Logic Mint School Management System & Apps have been developed and executed after consider research, careful analysis and intense testing. The “Three Easy Layer Based Approach” devised by the programmers ensures easy access to all modules and at the same time protects, security, safety and privacy of the data by allowing controlled access to stake holders only to their designated areas of activity.

Students Layer

This ensures that the students are able to visit only their designated area that concerns them. Their parents can also log into and see the status of their wards.

Administrator’s Layer

This gives total access & control to the designated officer of all aspects of the EduSol School Management System & Apps. He can send out any information, make, draw reports and can have seamless interaction with anyone on the system

Faculty Layer

Through this layer, teachers can manage all their activities including examinations, assignments, attendance, etc., etc. of the students.

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